Rockville Reunion 2000

"A picture or two is worth a thousand words." Within this page, the photos represent a super time that has allowed brothers from the past to join together in celebration of our commitment to anual reunions and gatherings. Come and smile with us next year at Gettysburg, PA and on the west coast in 2002.

This is as close to a group shot that was taken. Seems that our other brothers were sleeping in or still having a long day's night; just like days of the past. Photo courtesy of Robert Simpson.
Members of the G75th Ranger Association

Earl Toomey &
Vic Valeriano

Geraldo Leyton,
Bob Wheeler and

L-R: Bob Simpson, Jerry Howard, Geraldo Leyton, Vic Valeriano, Mitch McMahon, Earl Toomey.

L-R: Bob Simpson, Jerry Howard, Geraldo Leyton, Dave McLaughlin, Vic Valeriano, Earl Toomey, Mitch McMahon.

L-R: Robert Simpson, Dave McLaughlin and
Vic Valeriano.

L-R: Robert Simpson, Jerry Howard and Bob Wheeler at The Wall. These guys had not seen each other for 32-33 years since Nam. Both Howard and Wheeler were point men for Simpson's team. Photo courtesy of Simpson.

Keith Oney hoists his glass high.

George Shook and his daughter China

Dave "Little Mac" McLaughlin and his wife Joanne enjoying themsleves.

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